Jewel of the day: Corey Moranis Twist Lucite Necklace

Is it wrong that I’d rather browse some museum gift shops than do the museums themselves? Because … yeah. Especially the Museum of Modern Art gift shop (don’t worry – I’ve been through the actual exhibits!)

This lucite necklace by Corey Moranis is a fun colourful piece that is also on sale as at the time of writing. I kind of love that Moranis is from Canada …

This piece, says MOMA, is “Created by designer Corey Moranis in Canada, this lightweight Lucite jewelry combines space-age materials with hand craftsmanship. She heats and hand-bends Lucite rods into gestural, open loops, creating wearable works of art. In the substantial (2˝ x .75˝) yet lightweight earrings, asymmetrical twists of Lucite hang from sterling silver ear wires, swaying and catching the light as you move. The 27-inch necklace is formed from 16 links, each with a small gap that allows you to take the necklace on and off, remove links to shorten for a choker, or even wear it as two bracelets. Each one-of-a-kind accessory balances ethereal materials with statement-making style that gracefully goes from day to night.”

Originally priced at USD$350 for non-members, it’s now $249.95 ($224.95 for museum members).

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