Jewel of the day: Circa 1700 Victorian Wedding Bracelets

This pretty Victorian wedding bracelets come from Ruby Lane seller Circa 1700. Their description of the pair: “Bring on Wonder Woman… Cause these Victorian bracelets are worthy of super powers!

These Victorian bracelets measure just shy of 1” wide with a whopping 67.7 grams combined of 15k peachy/apricot hue gold or sunset as I like to call it – with the gold shifting hues depending on the light. Adding to their mesmerizing beauty is that the can be worn 3 ways since each side is stunningly chased and the mirror image of the other bracelet. One can wear them facing up with the same design – giving you 2 options. Or each design facing up – giving you the third option.

Circa 1880s. Bracelets fit wrist up to 5.5” and are in excellent condition with light surface wear – which is expected due to the age of these bracelets. Gold is not hallmarked, but tests 15 karat.”

These are currently on sale for USD$3,900.

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