Jewel of the day: Catherine Noll Macassar Earrings

These earrings by Catherine Noll are perfect for the minimalist who prefers organic materials to bling. Sold by Alex Eagle, the site notes, “Following the artistic footsteps of both her mother Odile Noll and her grandfather Alexandre Noll, Parisian jeweller Catherine Noll is renowned for her bold designs and passion for natural materials. Working primarily with wood, ivory, perspex and crystal, Noll creates an unusual, primitive and sophisticated form of jewellery. Pair of Catherine Noll earrings made in Macassar.”

These sell for £1,666.67.

One thought on “Jewel of the day: Catherine Noll Macassar Earrings

  1. I have a Catherine Noll choker necklace made of I think I v o r y and ebony with a brass metal dividing the two sides. I have seen a matching bracelet on the internet for sale a few years back. If there is any interest out there I can send pictures. Her signature is present on the piece of ebony. Thanks

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