Jewel of the day: Kim Dunham The Queen Gentry Signet Ring

I love the way signet rings carry history – or allow you to create your own. This version, by Kim Dunham, does the latter. Dubbed the Queen Gentry Signet Ring, it’s available from Ylang23, who note that it was iInspired by old heraldry and is engraved with Edith Piaf’s famous song title, “No je ne regrette rien” (I regret nothing – Edith Piaf). (I’m not sure where on the ring this engraving is, but I hope they spelled the French version of non correctly!) It is made of 14k yellow gold. Ylang23 also notes, This exclusive Kim Dunham X Ylang 23 collaboration honors the seven Archetypes of Women:

This version sells for USD$3,600.

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