Jewel of the day: Lisa Eldridge Sophie Ring

Lisa Eldridge is a renowned makeup artist, with a thriving clientele in film, television and the arts. She is also Lancome’s makeup artist.

When I first started watching her instructional YouTube videos, I zeroed in on her rings, which I later found were designed by William Welstead. He was gracious enough to respond to my “10 Questions With” feature. I was intrigued that her new line of rings seemed awfully familiar. When I watched her introductory video the reason became clear – Welstead is working with Eldridge to produce this line. It’s worth watching her video (found on her site) because she goes into detail about all the thinking and design that went into the gems and the packaging. Her makeup inspiration translates beautifully into the packaging. Rings are available in a variety of semi-precious stones and in silver and gold. There are stacks of two and three also available.

This ring is dubbed The Sophie, and it is 18k yellow gold set with a cushion cut tourmaline. It is currently showing as sold out but (I believe) may be ordered. It sells for £4800 which includes free worldwide shipping.

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