Jewel of the day: Sofia Zakia Worry Doll Pendant

These days, who couldn’t use something as a talisman to help allay fears? Sofia Zakia says about this piece, “When I was a child, as children do, I worried. Minute details scurried in my mind, and relentless worries ensued. In today’s rapid world, our daily rythme brings an influx of little worries to deal with; what better way to exorcise these worries than by adding a beautiful talisman to your everyday ritual? In Guatemala, Worry Dolls are a cultural tradition that help people sleep peacefully. Legend has it that when worrying keeps one awake, simply whisper your worries to your dolls and they will whisk them away! Enchanted by the idea of these sweet tiny objects, I have created worry dolls to manage and keep your distress away.

Ix, named after the Mayan goddess, features a dress of rubies, sapphires and diamonds, and embodies good luck and good fortune. Wear her diligently around your neck, and in beauty, she will symbolically bring positive good luck and energy.

1% of all Worry Doll proceeds will be donated to Mayan Families, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing education, nutrition, shelter and medical care to those living in extreme poverty in rural Guatemala.”

This piece is composed of 14k gold, made by hand in the brand’s Montreal studio. (Yay, my hometown!) The pendant measures 1.5cm (15mm) or 1.9cm (19mm) with its jumpring. The dress is set with four pink sapphires, three diamonds and three rubies, ethically sourced.

Available on a 16″ chain, 20″ chain, or without necklace. Chains are solid 14K gold. The designer explains that the jumpring will only allow this pendant to fit on a very narrow chain.

This sells for USD$630.

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