Jewel of the day: Kathy Bransfield Stay Awake Heart Pendant

I am fond of quotes engraved on jewellery and have quite a few pieces from Jeanine Payer, who closed up shop (regrettably) a few years back. Other designers do similar work; Kathy Bransfield has taken quotes from a variety of sources, using them as pendants with a different metal overlay.

About the designer: “Kathy Bransfield jewelry shares history’s most brilliant visionaries with you through her sterling silver and gold work. Most pieces open to reveal hand-stamped quotes or icons that embrace faith in humanity and a belief in life’s beauty and diversity. Each necklace is an essence of her playful and cheerful spirit. Kathy Bransfield jewelry is cherished by its wearers–many hold them as a sacred personal amulet. Kathy’s inspirational jewelry evokes passionate responses from long time collectors and new fans alike.”

This Stay Awake Heart pendant features a quote by the Persian poet Rumi:”Love has come to rule and transform, stay awake, my heart, stay awake.” The piece with the engraved quote is sterling silver, covered with a gold plated sterling cover. This sells for USD$100.


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