Jewel of the day: Faberge Diamond Enamel Gold Pendant

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Faberge piece that was as streamlined as this, with a bloomed gold finish. Etsy seller Romanov explains, “Made by Faberge Moscow branch between 1899 and 1908. The matte gold pendant is designed as a triangular shaped gold plaque with rounded corners (resembles kokoshnik, a traditional Russian head-dress worn by women and girls) with an openwork flying stork caring a diamond. The wings of the stork accented with rose-cut diamonds and a ruby.
The lower border of the plaque is decorated with four appliques engraved with diagonal lines and covered with translucent blue and golden enamel, apparently, to resemble a cloudy sky. The two enameled triangular side drops imitate Old-Slavonic kolts (pendants attached to a female head-dress). 22 old brilliant cut and 4 rose cut diamonds. Estimated total diamond weight 3 carats. Height 2 3/4 in. (7 cm)

The central flexible drop with bezel-set diamonds is flanked by two triangular drops which are covered with aquamarine blue enamel with golden shades. Marked on rim with 56 zolotnik old Russian gold standard (14K) with initials of the Moscow assay master Ivan Lebedkin, and ‘ KФ ‘ in Cyrillic for Carl Faberge. The detachable suspension ring is struck with assay mark and assayer’s initials of Ivan Lebedkin.”

This piece sells for USD$25,000.


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