Jewel of the day: Matt Bezak Octopus Pendant

Matt Bezak does really cool work in glass; if you like Lalique pieces, you will be intrigued by these. Here, a pendant with a sterling silver bail and a piece of hand crafted glass in the stylized shape of an octopus.

Vendor Giving Tree Gallery notes, “Skillfully hand crafted using the lost wax technique, this fine leaded crystal glass pendant features dynamic irridescent coloring that changes color with every angle. The pendant is set in a heavy gauge of sterling silver and signed by the artist.”

It sells for USD$550.

A little bit more about the designer: Matt Bezak describes his glass animalia, botanical and wave jewelry pendants as, “an artistic expression.” Inspired by ideals held steadfast in Art Nouveau style, his work focuses on the harmony of natural forms and their structure. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the overall function and integrity of each item and the attention to every detail is nothing short of perfection. To create these beautifully detailed works of art, Matt utilizes an ancient technique called, “Lost Wax Glass Casting.” This process of casting glass consists of several steps that must be rigidly adhered to for success. With no room for error, the delicate process requires attention from the beginning wax stage to final etching. Bezak’s vision combines a sense of drama with a classic look that the viewer can personally connect with.


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