Jewel of the day: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Rosemary Necklace

This is kind of cool piece, especially for a museum shop. I find they tend to represent grander motifs or copies of items in their collections while this piece from NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is a bronze sprig of rosemary suspended on a freshwater pearl chain.

The museum notes, “Celebrating the beauty of the natural world, this piece highlights the pure elegance of unadorned herbs, shrubs, berries, and leaves—from fragrant rosemary and eucalyptus to the majestic oak. It recalls the verdant gardens at The Cloisters, the branch of the Metropolitan Museum devoted to the art and architecture of the Middle Ages. Places of beauty and contemplation, the three enclosed gardens at The Cloisters contain more than 300 species of plants, which illuminate the important role that plants played in medieval art and life—from the medicinal to the allegorical.”

This sells for USD$145; $130.50 to members.

Metropolitan Museum Rosemary Necklace

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