Jewel of the day: Sotheby’s Blue Moon Diamond Ring

Um, wow. There isn’t much that can be said that will adequately capture the beauty of this 12.03 carat blue diamond , to be auctioned by Sotheby’s on November 11 in Geneva. The aptly named Blue Moon Diamond is described by the auction house as, “…a true marvel, proof of the powerful beauty that is created when nature and human ingenuity work together harmoniously. Internally flawless, the Blue Moon has been christened “one of the rarest gems in the world,” and the GIA has declared that its Fancy Vivid hue might be so unique as to be indescribable. This spectacular gem will be offered as a major highlight of Sotheby’s  Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva on 11 November 2015. ”

The GIA monograph notes, “The rough diamond was purchased at a tender by Cora International from Petra Diamonds, owner of the Cullinan mine. “Nature granted the Blue Moon Diamond with the gifts of stunning colour and form. However, it is the responsibility of man to capitalize on these qualities and bring the diamond’s innermost beauty to full display. The art of cutting allowed for the Blue Moon Diamond’s natural beauty to reach its optimum potential.”

The pre-auction estimate is 34,200,000 — 53,700,000 Swiss francs, or about USD$34,939,697.04-54,861,454.13 plus buyer’s premium. 

Sotheby's Blue Moon Diamond Ring


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