Jewel of the day: Walters Faith Fluted Diamond Band

Walters Faith was founded in 2013, and is now available at LAs Roseark. This ring, dubbed the Clive, is a fluted, blackened white gold band accented with diamond-set rose gold.

It sells for USD$4,950.

The designer’s site notes, “Founded in 2013 by designer Mollie Good and her business partner Stephanie Abramow, Walters Faith melds the elegance of timeless jewelry with the principles of modern design. From a young age, Mollie was drawn to jewelry, with a particular interest in rose gold and gemstones, especially the breathtaking brilliance of pure white diamonds. Inspired by everything from classic architecture to the world of modern art, as well the unique milieu of New York City, her pieces are bold yet thoughtfully crafted for effortless sophistication.

She prefers classic pencil sketching to computer-assisted design, affording her a more visceral relationship with her work.  Many pieces feature a hexagon, a design signature derived from the mirror image of the Walters Faith logo, creating a distinct sense of identity, while infusing the collection with a modern geometric appeal.

Formally trained in metalsmithing and design at the University of Michigan and the Gemological Institute of America, Mollie’s notable forays into jewelry-making include turns at Fred Leighton, Kwiat as well as an eponymous collection of fine and bespoke jewelry. Stephanie, a Graduate Gemologist with a business degree from Cornell University also brings a wealth of experience, dedication and industry savvy to the collaboration. Dubbing the collection Walters Faith, a combination of Mollie and Stephanie’s middle names, indicates just how personally and passionately tied they are to each piece.

Walters Faith is designed to make women feel confident and beautiful. These substantial, timeless creations are a synthesis of bold & fine. With its deceptively simple settings and exquisite details, the collection creates an appeal that all women can appreciate.

Walters Faith Fluted Diamond Band

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