Jewel of the day: Jennifer Meyer XO Jessica Alba Pave Ruby Heart Necklace

This ruby and 18k yellow gold necklace is a collaboration between Jennifer Meyer and Jessica Alba to benefit the AIDS charity RED.

It’s being sold on, which notes, “Every day, 650 babies are needlessly born with HIV. (RED)’s goal is to get this number to zero. Every purchase of a Jennifer Meyer xo Jessica Alba necklace brings us one BIG step closer to our goal. Each necklace, when sold, will trigger a donation to the Global Fund which can provide 9-27 months of lifesaving medication on the ground. Thus, each necklace, when sold, can literally help ensure that one less baby is born with HIV.

Each purchase of the 18k Yellow Gold Ruby Heart Necklace can provide over 27 months (or three full pregnancies) of lifesaving ARV medication to prevent an HIV+ pregnant woman from passing the virus to her unborn baby.

Net proceeds from each purchase shall be no less than approximately 40%-50% of the purchase price, and will go to the Global Fund in support of (RED). 18K yellow gold heart pendant necklace with .12 ct pave ruby details.”

This sells for USD $980 (a plain gold version is available for $280.)

Jennifer Meyer Jessica Alba Red pendant

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