Jewel of the day: Patricia von Musulin Four Strands Necklace

I don’t own anything by Patricia von Musulin, though I really feel I should remedy that. This necklace, new to the collection at the MOMA store in NY (and online) is clean and elegant, in keeping with her aesthetic.

The museum notes it “made of multicolored round and flat faceted natural stones—red and picture jasper, green aventurine, sodalite, rose quartz, yellow jade, and silver leaf agate—strung and hand-knotted on silk. Finished with a handmade sterling-silver clasp, a signature of notable jewelry designer and sculptor designer Patricia von Musulin, whose work is featured in museum collections nationwide. Comes with a black felt pouch for storage. Handmade in New York.”

It sells for USD $775, $620 for museum members.

Patricia von Musulin Four Strands Necklace

One thought on “Jewel of the day: Patricia von Musulin Four Strands Necklace

  1. Wow, Into Temptation, this is such a good choice. It’s a very good value, too. I know this designer. She is very kind and ultra elegant. Much of her work fetches thousands of dollars. The combination of colors and the consistent shapes make this an enviable article for even very discriminating buyers. One caveat is the neck size. Torsade style necklaces can be very small, for tiny model necks. Otherwise, perfecto!

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