Jewel of the day: Artifacts Jewelry Innes Earrings

Artifacts is the work of emerging Canadian designer Alora Arnold. Trained at Toronto’s Ryerson University, she now makes her home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her “about” page notes, Artifacts draws inspiration from the natural world. The line features semi-precious stones, bone, antler, and raw brass chain. The use of natural materials assures that each piece is unique to its wearer. Each Artifact is handcrafted in Canada with love, and we place emphasis on handmade details and the story behind the items. Like our customers, each piece is unique and an exact replica will never exist. Artifacts products are often named after landmarks and ghost towns based in Saskatchewan and Canada.

These earrings are made with raw brass chain and turquoise drops, and sell for $24 (not sure whether this is Canadian or US currency.)

Artifacts Jewelry Innes Earrings


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Artifacts Jewelry Innes Earrings

  1. Regardless of which dollars are used, these earrings are a really cute look for such a great price. I do, however, think that the bandwagon for horny natured jewelry will fade soon. Go figure though, I kept thinking skulls would die off, and now they seem here to stay. The wholesale markets in Paris are noted for being cutting edge.
    Skulls, horns and deadish things are still the rage…. Anyway, very nice earrings.

    1. They are cute, and I like the idea behind them, the overall design philosophy. As they say, there is nothing new under the sun … I wandered through Clignancourt market in Paris and so much STUFF I’ve seen before!

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