Jewel of the day: George Chakiris Love and Hope Sculpted Ring

I stumble upon jewellery via the most unlikely paths. Last week, I was watching a video on The Hollywood Reporter online in which Rita Moreno and George Chakiris, both of whom won Academy Awards for their roles in West Side Story as boyfriend and girlfriend Anita and Bernardo, reminisced about that Oscars night. Rita Moreno went on to a fairly storied Broadway career, with film and TV appearances as well, but I knew less about what Chakiris had been up to post-West Side Story.

So I did a little bit of searching. He worked pretty steadily, which I hadn’t been aware of, but to my greater surprise, late in life he took up a career as a jewellery designer. (He also looks pretty darned fantastic for someone who will be 79 in September. And Moreno looks amazing for her 81 years.) The pieces are simple and evocative, and remind me a bit of the forms used by Elsa Peretti.

Here is Chakiris’s Love and Hope ring in sterling silver; it sells for USD $175. About it, he notes, “Love and hope on the hand are reminders to count our blessings and cherish those we love.” Amen.

George Chakiris Love and Hope Ring

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