Jewel of the day: Alexander McQueen Full Arm Five Cuff Set

This set of five cuff bracelets from Alexander McQueen is a refreshing change from the too often repeated skull motif. It might have been fresh and edgy when it first appeared in his designs, but the year he committed suicide, the skulls were ever present and frankly, gruesome. I can’t look at them in his current designs without thinking of his state of mind before he died and how these, sadly, reflect it.

These cuffs are ostensibly tribally-influenced, though they have a nice machine-age vibe to them in my opinion. There are two cuffs sized for the upper arm, and three for the lower.  They are made of brass with a gold tone, antiqued finish. The set sells for USD $2,930, which includes taxes and duties from Hong Kong retailer Lane Bryant.

Alexander McQueen Five Cuff Set


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