Jewel of the day: Brent & Jess Fingerprint Wedding Ring

I have to admit I’m not sure if I find the idea of your beloved’s fingerprint embedded in your wedding band to be charming or creepy. Brent & Jess offer a variety of designs which incorporate a fingerprint (here, it is shown on the inside of the band, but they also offer several rings where the whorls of the print form an intrinsic part of the exterior finish and design of the band).

There are all kinds of techniques that incorporate a part of your beloved, often literally. The hair jewellery so popular in Victorian times is one of the best-known examples. A fingerprint does bring the essence of your loved one to you and keeps it close as part of a piece of sentimental jewellery. But maybe I’ve just watched too many CSI-type crimes shows … it makes me think it caters to slightly stalkerish behaviour.

This particular ring is in sterling silver and sells for USD $225. There are many more designs and personalization options on the jewellers’ site.

Brent and Jess Fingerprint ring


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Brent & Jess Fingerprint Wedding Ring

  1. LOL. Really stalker-ish jewelry will be when they learn implant GPS tracking systems in the wedding rings. Thank you for always posting such interesting jewelry. I would never see anything like this on my own.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment. LOL – I’m sure GPS jewellery is already available…. now I have to go Google it!

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