Jewel of the day: Fortune Favors the Brave Charm Pendant

Although I am a huge fan of costume jewelry it occurs to me I’ve also become something of a snob. If I’m buying certain pieces, I expect them to be solid sterling silver rather than plated. Seeing “silver plated” comes as something of a letdown, as silver is relatively affordable and, in some ways, more durable. I also like how it develops a patina over time, whereas plating just tends to wear off. 

So I had that little sense of disappointment when I noted that this charm pendant by Fortune Favors the Brave is indeed plated. In its defence, it’s an inexpensive way to add some layers if that’s your thing and if you get tired of it, at USD $85, at least it isn’t a huge investment.  The site notes that, “Shorter chain measures 20″ and longer chain with attached charms measures 24″. Long arrow charm is approximately 3cm long and a 3″ extender chain allows for adjustments .”

Fortune Favors the  Brave charm necklace

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