Jewel of the day: CJ Charles Riviera Collection diamond necklace

Diamonds by the yard were popularized by Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti. Peretti’s design features a few modestly sized diamonds spaced out on a chain. Pretty and yet pricey.

This necklace by San Diego jeweller CJ Charles is a DBTY necklace amped up to the max. Their description: This necklace features over 160 diamonds totaling 38.12 carats and including a .80 Chameleon color-change diamond, and a 4.87 ct round brilliant cut diamond. This amazing collection of diamonds took over a decade to perfect. Each diamond was individually bezel set in 18k gold. Beautifully crafted, this necklace can be draped around the neck for an opera length necklace for a night out or wrapped two or three times to be worn casually with jeans for a day shopping.

Now, I don’t know what a chameleon diamond is and I have never heard of diamonds colour changing (as stones like alexandrite will do depending on the light source) but this sure is a very pretty piece of sparkly bling. And hey, hard to find fault with nearly 40 carats of diamonds. Price available upon request.

CJ Charles necklace

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