Jewel of the day: Zarah Voight Moonray ring

Danish jewellery designer Zarah Voight is probably best known for her work in Plexiglass (also known as perspex).

Here is her artist statement and bio:

Zarah Voigt is educated as a scenographer for theatre and in haute couture-design by her father Jean Voigt in 1996. She studied Fine Arts at SLADE University College of London in 1999. In the following years Zarah Voigt created set designs and costumes for stage along with styling and jewellery for runway shows. In 2002 she launched the “Zarah Voigt Boutique” and presented her unique jewellery collections.

With her past experience working with theatre and fashion Zarah Voigt creates true conversation pieces with her jewellery. Using perspex in endless colour combinations, shiny or matte to metallic mirrors combined with precious metals only gold and silver. Her style is defined by the dramatic and sophisticated. Architectural and futuristic. Raw and refined. Theatrical avantgarde.

From delicate clean cut earsticks – significant earhangers – long chains to big elegant evening pieces. Based in Copenhagen Zarah Voigt creates new jewellery collections each half year – everything produced by highest standard. Zarah Voigt jewellery is being sold in few selected High End shops worldwide.

These earrings come in a variety of metals/finishes (this is the oxidized sterling silver version). This one sells for 875 Danish kroner within the EU; with VAT removed for buyers outside Europe, it is 700.

Zarah Voight moonray ring

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