Another breast fail

Though Heidi Klum may have been trying to make people forget she is the mother of four, in fact, it’s safe to say this dress may prove just the opposite. Taken by my friend and amazing red carpet correspondent Jessica Radloff, Heidi is heading to the Elton John Oscars party. I would like to know who made that fantastic ring and earrings. Goes with the dress. With the breasts, not so much.

Heidi Klum

12 thoughts on “Another breast fail

    1. There was a whole lot of trying too hard that night. I think so many of the women looked better at the after parties. Not much more jewelry, but better dresses.

  1. I think everything now is a pay for play game. “I’ll wear your jewels … I’ll mention your company on the red carpet. Now pony up.” No one seems to own those kinds of jaw dropping pieces anymore. Not that you necessarily need grand jewels to make an impact. Even something like Sandra Bullock using a Harry Winston diamond pin as a hair clip was really cool and added a lot to her look.

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