Jewel of the Day: Elsa Peretti rock crystal flask pendant

This design is no longer made by Tiffany, though I believe they occasionally rerelease the small silver flask (in which a small flower can be placed if the wearer desires).

I bought this wounded soldier on Ebay quite inexpensively because at one point, it was dropped, one of the arms through which the chain passes broke off, and it was glued back on. Although the repair was nicely done, it’s evident when you look at it, and lowered the piece’s value dramatically. The rock crystal flask is fitted with an 18k gold and amethyst topped stopper. You could fill it with perfume if you were very brave – I am not!

The repair made it still wearable and it’s one of the Peretti designs I wish Tiffany would reissue. Maybe, though, the rock crystal was more fragile to work than they first assumed…

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