Jewel of the day: Ann Demeulemeester glass ladder necklace

This is more of a breastplate than a necklace and would definitely be the star attraction over very minimalist clothing. A collaboration with Belgian artist Daniel Weinberger, the pair were inspired by the book “The Glass Bead Game”, by Herman Hesse. The pieced is composed of vintage glass beads and bone, hand strung and closed with a t-clasp.

I love jewellery for the stories it tells, and for the artistry in it, which I think really comes through in this design. For a lot of designers, jewellery is a quick and easy way to increase the bottom line and is either stale (does the world need another Chanel camellia pin?) or derivative of other designers or trends, or just flat out boring. I like that Demeulemeester’s aesthetic carries through from her clothes to her jewellery, without compromise.

Available at for $3996.

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