Jewel of the day: Toshikane gods of fortune bracelet

The level of detail in the porcelain faces of this bracelet, referred to as the fortune gods or seven immortals, always amazes me. Each individual plaque is backed by silver cut to fit. This is very easy to wear but, being porcelain, I am always a bit ginger with it as I’d hate to crack or break one of the faces! The gods are often found in button sets, less often in this bracelet. Circa 1950s.Fortunegods

9 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Toshikane gods of fortune bracelet

    1. I have seen these go anywhere from $400-600 but have not priced one in a while. This one is not for sale but thanks for your interest!

  1. I have this bracelet. My parents bought it for me in an antique store around 1950. It is in perfect condition and it is for sale.

    1. Your best bet is probably Ebay. Though I was way off in my estimate for the last one. It went for a lot less than I had anticipated. But Ebay is cyclical, so you never know.

    2. CJ, are you able to contact me through this site as I would love to buy a bracelet such as the one pictured. Let me know. Thanks. Linda

  2. I have this exact bracelet, “Made in Occupied Japan” and marked SILVER — I am looking to sell it. Anyone interested?

  3. i have a similar bracelet the seven heads are mounted on black circles. it says toshikane japan on the clasp. any idea of the value

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