Jewel of the day: Herve van der Straeten

I adore Herve Van der Straeten’s work…he’s been designing jewellery since the mid -1980s but now does mostly furniture and industrial design. Van der Straeten designed the lipstick container for Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss line, and the bottle for Dior’s J’adore perfume, among other commissions.

You can still find his jewellery, but I really prefer his earlier pieces, like the one I’m showing here today. Like much of his work, it’s hammered, gold dipped brass (he also works in silver plated metal but doesn’t often incorporate stones). This eye shape, reminiscent of Dali, features a tear drop shaped lapis lazuli stone, which hangs freely, as the pupil of the eye.


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Herve van der Straeten

  1. This has Arizona written all over it. Stylized “eye” natural stone. Lapis long revered since earliest of man thousands of years prior to Christianity. It’s simple blue ( often with gold flecks ) adds to any 22k gold plate. It certainly is reminiscent of Daly , however it’s simple sadness draws you in. It’s a lovely example of thought to process . It’s very lovey !

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