Jewel of the day: Gaia Studio Aubery Bracelet

Pearls are perfect year-round, but find a special home during the summer as it tends to be bridal season.

Here, a suite by Gaia Studio although in this post, I am focusing on the bracelet.

The designer explains, ‘Similar to our Sophia necklace, our Aubery bracelet is a piece for all occasions. We designed this beautiful bracelet to use the increasing size of the pearls to symbolise our gradual growth throughout life, as we move from chapter to chapter and towards our end goal. Pearls are imperfect, yet they are celebrated, and so we should be too. At Gaïa, we would like our Aubery bracelet to be a daily reminder of celebrating our imperfections.

The gold orb sits proudly as the focal piece of the bracelet, with it’s textured surface and off-centred ethical lab grown diamond. Our central orb serves to remind the wearer that these flaws are beautiful, and there is no such standard as being ‘perfect’. Rather, we should seek wholesomeness. Amongst it’s gorgeous pearls, orb, and diamond, this fine bracelet celebrates the beauty of individuality, authenticity and nature’s raw imperfections! We are not perfect – but we can still be beautiful.”

This is priced at £375.

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