Jewel of the day: The Sacred Order Shining Spider Locket

I’m a huge fan of lockets and although I used to hate spiders and don’t mind them now … I’m not sure I would want one on a piece of jewellery. But if you love arachnids, then this locket by The Sacred Order is worth a look.

It’s described this way: “As the spider weaves a web, so too we weave our lives. A heavy gold locket, hand engraved with a graceful spider – an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth. The sparkling body is made from two rose cut diamonds, one slightly larger than the other. Shines with possibility, like a web glossed with morning dew.”

Made with recycled 14k yellow gold it’s set with 4mm and 2mm rose cut salt and pepper diamonds, and has room for two photos.

This is priced at USD$3,240.

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