Jewel of the day: Lou Zeldis 22k Gold and Sapphire Earrings

High karat gold has a really buttery warmth to it, but is generally too soft to use in jewelry for everyday wear. However, it suits earrings well, particularly these danglers from Lou Zeldis.

The designer’s site explains, “Seven drop uncut river sapphires in a fabulous multi-colored display. The classic cross wrapping with 22k solid gold spares no expense. These are the last of the seven drop sapphires in the collection made in the late 90’s by LoU. There is one accompanying 22k solid gold pendant in the collection still remaining as well. The dimension extending from the top of the ear wire downward measures 3.25” x .5” across.

All of LoU’s 22k work is solid gold and never filled nor plated.”

These are priced at USD$2,700.

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