Jewel of the day: Paco Rabanne Metallic Effect Drop Earrings

Metal mesh has been used for accessories (notably, originally, for small purses) for a long time. Here, Paco Rabanne takes mesh and gives it a rainbow effect in a pair of shoulder duster earrings. Rabanne, best known for his 60s designs, has always liked mesh for accessories and incorporated into clothing designs.

Because of the material, these are likely very light weight, despite their length. They retail for USD$379.

2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Paco Rabanne Metallic Effect Drop Earrings

  1. Love these. Just wish I could justify buying them when I telework full time and still don’t venture out a whole lot. Plus I have a ton of jewelry.

  2. I hear you … but if the past two years have taught me anything it’s that things are so unpredictable, do what makes you happy if you can. I telework two days a week (was three until today) and I still wear jewelry and put on lipstick, if only for myself!

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