Jewel of the day: Maria Tash Diamond Lotus Navel Barbell

This barbell by Maria Tash is the perfect way to adorn a navel piercing.

The site notes, “This elegant navel barbell is topped with the largest size of our invisibly-set lotus design with a dangle that adds a touch of movement on the top of the navel. With no visible bezels or prongs, the frontal appears to float weightlessly on the skin. The barbell is punctuated with a stunning 9mm diamond cluster — a round prong-set bottom made from a princess diamond flanked by four lustrous marquise diamonds creates the look of a two-carat diamond. This combination gives the jewelry a low rise and flat bottom, allowing the piece to live comfortably at the bottom of the navel and cover a larger surface area. This piece is available in different post lengths to best accommodate your anatomy.”

This is priced at USD$11,680.

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