Jewel of the day: Louis Vuitton Idylle Blossom Ring

I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of wearing a company’s logo as jewelry. I almost feel they should pay me to be a walking billboard. But I will grudgingly admit that Louis Vuitton has done a good job of incorporating their corporate emblem into this ring in a way that feels more organic (no pun intended) and less branded.

They say, “Feminine and playful, the Idylle Blossom collection brings life to the Monogram flowers, created in 1896 by Georges-Louis Vuitton. Blooming in white, pink or yellow golds, the 3 exquisite flowers are joyfully combined in a personal precious bouquet, lighting up the silhouette with dancing sparkles. Idylle Blossom creations reveal the free-spirited Louis Vuitton woman attitude.”

This sells for USD$3,550.

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