Jewel of the day: Artina’s Eagle and Raven Clasp Bracelet

This beautiful one of a kind sterling silver bracelet sold by Artina’s is “hand carved by Gilbert Pat. This clasp bracelet is 3/8″ (0.95 cm) wide and will comfortably fit a 6 – 6.75″ (15 – 17.1 cm) wrist. The clasp design makes it fit like a smaller style bangle and can fit various wrist sizes. About the artist: Born in 1945 in Sardis, British Columbia, Gilbert is a member of the Coast Salish First Nations cultural group. He later moved to Alert Bay on Cormorant Island near the North-eastern tip of Vancouver Island. Gilbert studied carving under Lloyd Wadhams Sr. Gilbert’s style of fine detailing, and craftsmanship have made his work highly sought after. Gilbert married a Kwakwaka’wakw woman form Alert Bay and they have two sons. Jeff and Jason, to whom he taught the art of jewellery carving. He and his family now live in Victoria where he works at creating his art.

This sells for CDN$190 or USD$146.79.


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