Jewel of the day: Blue John Gold Ring

You really can find jewelry everywhere… a few days ago, I was watching a British antiques show and someone had a collection of pieces made with Blue John, a quartz found only in the Treak Cliff Cavern in the United Kingdom. It’s a really pretty stone, and can be bluish purple or yellow.

The Treak Cliff Cavern online store offers a lot of different items, including jewelry made with sterling silver or gold. Here, a 9 carat gold ring set with a marquise piece of Blue John. This sells for £650.


4 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Blue John Gold Ring

  1. The ring in the photo is gorgeous, but sometimes blue john sells relatively cheaply, you can buy rings and pendants for under 30 pounds. Does the price raise depending on the pattern/colours displayed?
    I guess some can seem really plain and others more interesting, or is the blue john different depending on which vein it’s been mined from? (I’ve been on the tour of treak cliff three times now, I should really have listened better! I did learn there was a vein that has been found very recently in 2013 which is exciting if you like that kind of thing)

    1. Thanks for this info – appreciate it! I do think I’d like a piece with this stone at some point. It would be nice to actually get it in the UK. Here’s hoping travel will be an option again sooner rather than later.

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