Jewel of the day: Eera Chiara 18k White Gold and Diamond Enamel Earring

Often, single earrings are discreet and small, so that that you can wear multiple pieces for multiple piercings. This piece by Chiara is loud and proud and guaranteed to stand out.

Made with 18k white gold and enamel accented with a diamond, the background is thus: “Chiara Capitani and Romy Blanga, the duo behind Italian label EÉRA, are inspired by Tokyo’s vibrant atmosphere – “whenever we visit Japan we find ourselves in vintage stores and markets looking for inspiration.” Modeled after a traditional sport snap hook they discovered on one of their trips, this ‘Chiara’ earring has been handmade in Italy from 18-karat white gold coated with neon-pink enamel. The fastening is encrusted with 0.17-carats of glistening round-cut diamonds.”

It’s available in fluorescent yellow, pink or green and sells for USD$1,745.

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