Jewel of the day: Licia Beads Toilet Paper Earrings

One rather head scratching thing to come out of the coronavirus situation is the run on toilet paper (no pun intended). Stock has vanished across North America and likely elsewhere as well. So it gave me a much needed laugh to see these toilet paper earrings by Etsy seller Licia Beads. Additional irony: they are – of course – out of stock. I might just have to get a pair when they are available again. Along with a 12-pack of TP. The shop owner notes, “Toilet paper earrings, for those who give a crap. Beaded miniature TP rolls individually hand woven from tiny glass seed beads that look like pearls. Classy! Thanks for supporting my small business!”

There is no price listed but here’s hoping the artist restocks. Wishing you all continued good health – and all the toilet paper you can handle.

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