Jewel of the day: Victorian Opal Shaped Heart and Diamond Cluster Ring

I am still a sucker for opals, but I have to say I’m not sure I’d take the chance of wearing one in a ring. Not because they are rumoured to be unlucky (I don’t believe that) but because they are a fairly fragile stone and I am a klutz. I know I would probably shatter a large opal in short order.

If that is not something that concerns you, then this ring is a stunner you may wish to acquire.

From 1st Dibs (which frustratingly hides the names of individual sellers now), this is described as, “An early Victorian opal and diamond dress ring, with a unique heart shaped black boulder opal of approximately 3.20cts, set with a cluster of old mine cut diamonds in silver on gold. This is an extremely rare example of Victorian craftsmanship.”

This sells for USD$15,036.30.

One thought on “Jewel of the day: Victorian Opal Shaped Heart and Diamond Cluster Ring

  1. Puzzled – did I miss something? Very much enjoy the jewellery of the day but now there have been none for several days. Hope nothing is wrong. Best wishes and hope jewellery musings will soon continue.

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