Jewel of the day: Talon NYC Pavot Amulette

Jewellery with a dual purpose is not new, but not as common today. This pendant is an amulet with a small compartment for perfume. Designer Emily Hirsch explains, “Each sterling silver Pavot Amulette is made by hand. It comes with a separate 1ml vial of Talon perfume made in collaboration with MCMC Fragrances. The Talon fragrance is based on classic 1970s rose. Soft petals distilled from French roses are rooted by woody, herbal patchouli and earthy myrrh resin, then balanced by soulful amber. The scent is bohemian with an edge, reflecting the Amulette’s Americana Beauty. The chain is 22 inches and the top of the Amulette screws off to reveal a chamber to hold the scent. Also included is a dropper for inserting the perfume. **PLEASE NOTE: This piece is made to order and takes 3-4 weeks.”

This unique piece sells for USD$426.

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