Jewel of the day: VSA Designs San Benito Cloister Lux Magdalena Gold and Turquoise Necklace

There’s is cool inspiration behind VSA Designs: Cheryl Finnegan let her passion for iconic females Eve, Frida Kahlo and the Virgin of Guadalupe guide her to create Virgins, Saints & Angels—jewelry celebrating goddesses, angels, virgins & mothers who inspire enlightenment, expression, and creativity during our day to day. Ranging from belt buckles to rosaries, all pieces are handmade by an extended family of craftsmen. VSA Designs prides itself on employing local residents and utilizing local resources—symbols of San Miguel’s passion and culture. VSA combines Mexican artesania and gothic religious iconography. Each VSA jewelry collection carries a message derived from icons of power, prayer, protection and beauty that translate to universal cross-cultural beliefs.

About this piece in particular: Luxurious natural turquoise beads are featured here in this classic 4 strand Magdalena necklace. Adorned with an elegant and refined San Benito Cloister pendant that brings peace and protection to all who wear it, this statement piece is sure to turn heads. Necklace measures: 16″-18″; large toggle closure. Wear long at 32″ as well
Pendant Measures: 1.5″ in diameter. Handmade in San Miguel.

This sells for USD$330 from Giving Tree Gallery.


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