Jewel of the day: The Base Project Bracelet Set

The Base Project is, in their own words, “a socially-motivated fashion brand building a bridge between artisans in the developing world and the US fashion market. Through our fashion products we create jobs and invest in community development projects.”

This set of three bracelets is made from recycled water pipe. They explain, “A tribal combination of all three thin brown up-cycled bracelets, stacked in the traditional style of the Himba tribes people. Our Kavango River design captures the winding switchbacks of the Kavango River shores. Our second bracelet in this set is aptly named Himba Red, a nod to the rich red ochre clay worn by the women of the Himba tribe. Lastly, we head to the most northeastern edge of Namibia where we encounter the wildly abundant Caprivi Strip, as seen in this last carving. All three are up-cylced bracelets, hand-carved from discarded water pipe with designs inspired by the animals, landscape, and rich history of Namibia. Each bracelet is approximately 1.5CM wide.”

Very cool, and USD $66 for the set.

The Base Project bracelet set

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