Jewel of the day: Bande de Quatres Wolfgang Bracelet

I always enjoy finding and profiling Canadian designers, as a fellow Canuck. Bande des Quatres is, “a boutique jewelry line. Each design is a collaboration: conceived by Montreal-native Erin Wahed and hand-crafted by world-renowned Canadian jeweller Janis Kerman. Wahed’s art world experience and collecting savvy directly influence her refined aesthetic. She draws inspiration from a variety of styles, periods, and mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic and industrial design. A Bande des Quatres piece is not only made to order but represents a rich history influenced by the Bauhaus masters, world renowned architects and abstract photographers. Quality and old school craftsmanship play an essential role in what sets Bande des Quatres apart.”

True to their statement, their pieces are very clean and sculptural. This Wolfgang bracelet has a sandblasted sterling silver top piece, with oxidized silver wire on the bottom. It is custom-made in one size, which measures 2.25 inches across. It sells for Cdn $485.

Bande de Quatres Wolfgang bracelet


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